Mirror Face Art Installation

Mirror Face Art Installation

Mirror Face showcases the work of Sarah McEneaney, Christa Donner, and Keiler Roberts. For all three of these artists the documentation of their everyday lives, both internal and external, serves as part of the inspiration for their work.

In contrast to the highly crafted representations of self we have grown accustomed to seeing in contemporary society, the paintings, drawings, and comics in this exhibition present actual portraits rather than idealized ones.

Whether chronicling the mundane locations and conversations of their every day, monitoring the cumulative cost of their daily consumption, or documenting the exceptional moments of their lives these artists’ work highlight the ways in which the vulnerability of a true self-portrait is individually empowering and provides the valuable common connection. More information about the exhibit and of the artists’ work can be found here:

Artists: Sarah McEneaney, Christa Donner, & Keiler Roberts. Produced for The Cleve Carney Art Gallery:



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